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magnolia detail

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Vietnamese artist C3nmt created this awesome smiling portrait of the amazing Hayao Miyazaki using elements from his various Studio Ghibli works. From the Princess Mononoke characters that make up his hair, to the My Neighbor Totoro characters in his cheeks, down to the Susuwatari (wandering soot) from Spirited Away that make up his tie, the longer you look at it, the more parts you’ll recognize. It’s a wonderful reminder of the many amazing worlds that Miyazaki has created over the years.

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Chemical Valentine’s! Print ‘em, write ‘em, and bring nitroglycerin to persuade your loved ones!

Just don’t sell them or take credit, and they’re all yours!




I was browsing on tumblr and I realized I had no ducks in my blog, what kind of horrible person was I?

I love ducks

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Jungle Book by Yusuke Oono

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Piano Instrumental - Prime Minister and I/ 총리와 나 (cover)

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The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter + Scenery

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A fine view of 5th Avenue, New York.
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The Blue Pond in Hokkaido Changes Colors Depending on the Weather

“The Most Beautiful Pond In The World!”

According to the photographer Ken Shiraishiwho made a pilgrimage up to Northern Japan last month to take these shots, the water contains a high degree of aluminum hydroxide, which reflects blue light – a phenomenon responsible for our lovely blue skies. Shiraishi spent several days up there photographing the pond in various light.


2035. The Blue Pond. Can’t believe this is real. Looks like a painting!


I still really love this

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Another Day, Another Daisy …

by Noel Badges Pugh